BACK IN THE POOL! Swimming Pools are opening Hurrah!! It's days now!

Sportshai post - BACK IN THE POOL! Swimming Pools are opening Hurrah!! It's days now!

Back to the Pool!!! 

Hurrah for back to the swimming pool!! Swimming pools are opening across the UK in the coming days! I can't wait to dive in and feel the water and glide. Swimmer, free diver, yogi and coach @ruth_osbornhas shared a few top tips for enjoying getting back into the pool.

1. Take it easy! 

Start slowly and enjoy the feeling of being in the water and the sensation of movement through it. 

2. Make your session varied.

Swimming should NEVER be boring. 

A swim session could/should have in it:

1. Warm up 

2. Technique set - one thing you want to focus and improve

3. Pull set - arms only

4. Kick set - legs only 

5a. A varied speed set - go fast between the flags and the wall or accelerate as you go up the pool, decelerate as you come down. 


5b. A sprint set - one length max effort, rest 10-15 seconds and repeat. 



How many lengths can you do in 5 minutes? Keep a note and do the same a month later after four weeks of training! 

6. Cool down

One way to organise the session is to do a set time of each section and then gradually increase that time over your weeks of training. 

With a session like this time will fly and you’ll get a great work out! 

3. Take kit (if your pool allows it)

Front snorkel - so you can focus on stroke and cardio. 

Hand paddles or mits - no hand paddles your first few weeks - consider them advanced training and build stroke strength naturally before.

Short fins are great too for building leg strength and they’re a fun variation.

And finally join a club, go with a friend, or get out doors swimming... do whatever makes your heart sing!! 

About @ruth__osborn 

Sports HAI Athlete Ruth is a competitive swimmer in both pool and open water (technically she's currently an ex-competitive swimmer but as she says "Once a competitive swimmer, always a competitive swimmer).

In the summer months she is based in Ibiza where she teaches and coaches.  In the winter months she’s near water wherever she can freedive and and surf.  Follow her Instagram for inspirational stories and useful information on all she trains and coaches. 

Ruth is both inspiration and lead Athlete for Sport's HAI's DEEP DIVE Mascara's research and development. Formula's were tried, tested and studied to create a perfect balance for comfort and high performance features for sports professionals.  Ruth made sure that the product had no damaging ingredients to contaminate the ocean or coral.  Ruth is passionate about the Ocean and environment. 

Sportshai post - BACK IN THE POOL! Swimming Pools are opening Hurrah!! It's days now!