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"I discovered that there was no brand dedicated to sports" owner of makeup brand Sports HAI Grace de Alvaro begins. "While competing, I had early starts and often had no time to touch up - though I wanted to remain looking good."

So in 2018, she founded Sports HAI.  Grace aptly named the beauty brand in dedication to the "High" players feel whenever they're doing sports.

"HAI, pronounced as High, is that flow state on the polo field when you are at one with your pony and your team are fast moving toward the ball. It's a tremendous high feeling, so it felt right," the polo player explains. "High performance, high goal!"

Her performance-proof product range is simple and easy to use, perfect for women on the go. Sports HAI covers all the essential tools one may need to amp up their looks - from eyes and brows to lips, skin to hair; they have got every lady's back. And you are assured of the quality and efficiency, with Grace and her team's extensive research to create this line.

"I did my research in Madrid. Asked the beauty assistants what people want. I asked sports enthusiasts and athletes. I tried existing waterproof products and visited gyms in Madrid and New York. I even entered the New York marathon and asked other runners," Grace narrates. "I'm not going to sell stuff that won't be used. Plus, I am a fan of a simple yet effective routine."

Start your beauty journey the Sports HAI way, as recommended by the founder herself: "I start all looks with the Protect SPF 50. It's sheer, light, and tough. Hannah Henderson loves this, as does India Parker Smith of Chukka Wellness. It's so flattering and works so well on all skin colours and types."

'I, then, wear the Sports HAI Replenish cream. I love the feel and the fresh clean smell of this. Then a touch of bronzer and our award-winning Sports Hai Luxury lip balm. It's so perfect; it feels fabulous and works better than anything I've ever used. I add mascara and a glide of eyeshadow - and I'm ready to run!" she shares.

With Grace's love for horses, she didn't hesitate to honour these mighty beasts through her line and named the shades after horses! There's Fair Play, Dawn Run, Bold Ruler, and California Chrome, to name a few.  

"I feel best when I look good. Makeup is part of my 'game face'," the lady player relates. "I feel best wearing a dash of something. Like the warriors of old who dressed for battle, makeup is a real booster. It's a transformer."

Apart from providing these great beauty tools, the Sports HAI team is also in touch with the Ladies Polo Foundation. They sponsored polo at the Beaufort Polo Club and had the most glamorous team imaginable! "We love to align with organizations that promote women and women's sport. They, the Ladies Polo Foundation Ambassadors are all a real joy to work with and support" Grace exclaims.


Millie Hughes @millie_hughes13