Neck & Décolletage treatment

Sportshai post - Neck & Décolletage treatment

Don't ignore your neck when applying skin care products.  We often neglect to take our facial skincare routine down to the neck or décolletage area. With technology forcing us to look down at screens and use the neck repeatedly we need to pay attention to this area. Being in front of screens also exposes our skin to the damaging blue UV light radiation that screens emit, so don't forget to apply your high level SPF even when working from home. 

Neck skin is thinner and more vulnerable to sun damage, and a lack of proper skincare to the neck and décolletage can further exacerbate premature ageing of this area. Doing exercise we also put a strain on this area, jogging and lifting weights added to crouching and looking down take their toll.

Using area-targeted products with specific ingredients to address the challenges of potentially sagging skin can be a game changer.  Sports HAI replenish used regularly at home can tone and tighten the skin to achieve a more visibly lifted appearance.  Don't wait until the neck area is a concern, start a routine which includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and protecting with high level SPF. Sports HAI SPF 50 is light and hard working.  Sports HAI includes peptides that increase collagen synthesis and strengthen the moisture barrier is further enhanced by upward massage movements to kickstart this area into rejuvenation.

It is important to hydrate through drinking plenty of water throughout the day and reduce caffeine which is a diuretic. No matter how much water you consume, our bodies will always take more than their fair share; so by applying moisturiser and drinking plenty of water you can tackle this from both sides.  

Sports HAI Replenish - Powerful cream for the face, neck and décolletage, formulated to firm and plump the skin to leave it looking brighter and lifted, while protecting it from environmental damage.

Sports HAI SPF 50 Protect - A highly effective photo-stable broad spectrum, lightweight sunscreen, containing a combination of clinically proven filters to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.  it is water resistant and contains clinically proven AHA's citric and lactic acid to gently increase cell turnover.  It is light and easily absorbed with a natural tint to give an even appearance while having a hydrating effect on the skin.  It is comfortable to wear, easy to apply, to enable you to perform without being concerned about the damaging effects of the environment. Named by as "most wanted" and an Award winner in @theattractabeautyawards Sports HAI's PROTECT is worn by the ambassadors of @ladiespolofoundation. Sports's HAI is an SPF 50 that is non gloopy, non chalky, non greasy, non spot giving, non pore blocking or unflattering! Yes this brings joy and is nothing like what you have experienced before.  Having lived by a beach in the south of Spain for eight years, I was determined to find joy in a sunscreen one day and here it is.  



Sportshai post - Neck & Décolletage treatment