Sportshai post - NEW HABITS, NEW HIGHS

2020 threw a curve.

Many found exercise for the first time, putting one limb in front of the other in an effort to survive lockdown restrictions and following government guidelines took a daily walk. Others ran virtual marathons,  or did a distance cycle from their living room! 

Getting daily exercise, trying to eat healthy foods, cleaning homes and re-arranging our lives pretty much became the new routine.

Exercise offered a lifeline, it helped.  As we ease out of lockdown we have developed new habits. 

This is a time of new possibilities. We are united with new strengths and learnings. It is new era of well-being and health consciousness.

Having witnessed great courage, creativity and resilience we have also had time to give our mind a chance to quieten and put things into perspective. 

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Sportshai post - NEW HABITS, NEW HIGHS