Sports HAI smart makeup for fitness

Sportshai post - Sports HAI smart makeup for fitness

Sports HAI is a sports dedicated cosmetics and skincare brand. Products are made in Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Sports HAI has been tested and developed with athletes for over six years. Using award winning scientific formalist's and patent pending technologies, to create the most comfortable cosmetic experience. Ingredients have been studied to create a perfect balance of comfort and high performance features for sports people. The challenge of developing formulas that really last but are comfortable to wear took time.  The line up is easy to use, comfortable and goes the distance. It is 3 X more comfortable than other waterproof products available. It is extremely light on your skin.  

Lighter, smoother, temperature neutral, waterproof, non toxic, performance makeup for looking as good as you feel. 

Experience the best performance makeup that cosmetics has to offer.

At Sports HAI we are committed to constant improvement. 


Sportshai post - Sports HAI smart makeup for fitness