Sportshai product demo


Sports HAI

You’re tough, confident, at times fearless. When you set your sights high, you push harder and go higher. It’s the inner beast that propels you. You get in the zone, find your sports high, and go for it.

Sportshai product demo

For healthy and active women and men

You don’t make compromises, and neither should your makeup. It has to be as healthy to put on your face as what you put in your body.

Sportshai product demo



If you’re the kind of person who lives life to the full, tough, confident, at times fearless

If you set your sights High,
You push harder and go higher.

If you are driven by passion, the inner beast propels you, you get in the zone

If you’re unstoppable, unbounded, uncompromising,

Boy have we got the product for you. Introducing Sports HAI Sports make up and skin care, tough, stylish beauty on the go.

Designed for and tested on professional athletes.

Like you, SPORTS HAI has a social conscience. We support innovative mental health initiatives that both assist people dealing with depression and promote positive, forward thinking that positions them to be happy, healthy and successful.SPORTS HAI treats your mind, body, and soul.